Thursday, August 2, 2007

Finally... The WPF Win32 Interop Hoster Control source code is available

The WPF Win32 hosting holy graile is taking shape. Yes you heard me, you can host a Win32 Control, interact with it inside a WPF viewport and perform all of the sweet effects on it. Your CPU might hate you for that, but the performance actually isn't too bad,....however I vow to make it better.

The source you ask?

OK, I've released the code finally.

Thanks, like, tons to Jeremiah Morrill for *all* his help :-)
These are the articles of he's that got me started:

  • WPF HACKERY! PART II (Native Pointer to Bitmapsource's Buffer)

  • Composited Win32 in WPF prototype source-code

  • We've created a project at The CodePlex

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